How to recognize fake honey?

People often buy cheaper products to save some money. However, it should be remembered that cheaper solutions are much less ecological. An example would be honey. The cheaper one is probably not real, completely clean, although the ads sometimes say something completely different.

Honey ultrafiltration

Research has shown that as much as 76% of honey available on the market has undergone a process called ultrafiltration – is a treatment that is used to transform raw honey into a material suitable for food processing.

It aims to eliminate all kinds of contamination, such as wax residues. Unfortunately, this process also deprives honey of bee pollen. However, manufacturers say ultrafiltration is necessary as it prevents crystallization and extends the shelf life of the product. But they forget that pollen is a very important component of honey, which provides many benefits to our health.

How to recognize fake honey?

Crystallization of honey

If the honey you buy doesn’t crystallize after a while, it’s NOT pure. Be sure to read the label when buying honey. If it says honey contains high fructose corn syrup (HFC) or commercial glucose, don’t buy it.

Spoon test

Take a teaspoon of honey and start pouring the product into a bowl or jar. If the stream is steady, tight and not torn, it’s a sign that you have bought real honey.

Color change

Make a mixture of a few drops of iodine, plain water and honey. If the honey turns blue, unfortunately corn starch has been added to it.

Real honey is flammable

Dip a dry match in honey and then try to light it. If the honey is real, a spark or even fire will show on the match. If the honey is fake, the matches won’t catch fire because of the impurities and moisture it contains.

Water test

Fill a glass with lukewarm water and then add a tablespoon of honey to it. The fake honey will melt quickly and the real honey will fall to the bottom of the glass.


Real honey is much heavier than artificial honey. A liter jar should contain no less than 1.4 kg of this liquid gold.

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