8 snacks that you can eat even in the evening without any guilt

Let’s be honest, we all eat snacks in the evenings. A snack during a movie or parties with friends… and this is how the number of kilos grows. However, there are products that you can eat (in reasonable amounts) without feeling guilty! Here they are.

List of snacks that you can eat in the evening without weight-gain


Of course, you should eat cheese wisely, so we mean a slice or two, not half a kilo of cheese! However, cheese is rich in proteins, so you will feel full for the rest of the evening. It’s best to choose cheeses with a reduced fat content.

Cottage cheese

That kind of cheese is a rich source of protein and calcium, also worth noting that it’s digested quite slowly. This is why it’s recommended for the night – it increases the feeling of fullness, provides protein and doesn’t accumulate in the form of unwanted rolls of fat.


This yellow fruits will help you sleep. Although they have a lot of calories, they provide the body with a lot of potassium and magnesium, which helps to relax the muscles. At the same time, they give a feeling of fullness and are simply very tasty!


Scientists have proven that Greek yogurt is ideal as an overnight snack. Lots of protein, little fat and almost no sugar. Add raspberries or blueberries and enjoy a healthy evening meal, after which the weight result will not be an unpleasant surprise.


Absolutely not the popcorn made in butter, with a ton of salt and prepared in a microwave. But homemade popcorn, made in a dry frying pan, with herbs, chili, or a little Himalayan salt, is a healthy snack that stimulates digestion. It’s light and doesn’t contain many calories at all!


Chicken eggs are another good option for an evening snack. One egg has only 75 calories and a lot of protein. You can eat them hard-boiled, soft-boiled or fried without fat. You will feel satisfied!


Carrots, celery or a mix of salads with vegetables will be the best snacks. The first two suggestions are crunchy, so they can instinctively replace crisps and peanuts. They are healthy, full of fiber and satisfy hunger.


Hummus eaten with carrots or celery in the form of a dip will provide us with nutrients and proteins. It’s important that you do it yourself, avoid unnecessary, artificial additives!

What snack should you avoid especially at night?

We will also advise you to avoid eating apples in the evening. Why? Due to pectin and fiber, apples are difficult to digest, which can make it difficult to fall asleep.

As you can see, there are many options! Healthy alternatives can also be tasty, nutritious and will definitely benefit your health, and at the same time will not waste your fight for a healthy figure.

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