Dog stayed home with his new carer. Owners were shocked when they came back and saw this video

Every dog owner knows that parting with him for a long time is terribly painful. But it’s not always possible to take your pet with you and the decision to leave it under someone else’s care is necessary. This is obviously not easy. The handler must know and understand the dog, its habits and needs.

Skylar’s family was away on vacation and couldn’t take him with them. So they looked for good care for him. They hired a young boy named James Liakos to do the job. He was highly qualified, seemed to love dogs and had the right approach to them.

But when they left Skylar with him, they didn’t expect him to take care of him that well.

James made a video while they were away showing them having a great time together.

It can be seen that Skylar liked James as if he were his master. He doesn’t look misshapen at all. He is relaxed and is having a great time. James has a great approach to dogs. You can definitely entrust him with your favorite. Will you agree?

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