If you have PVC windows, be sure to learn this simple trick – It will save you a lot of money

PVC windows are present in almost all households today, which you can safely say are a real blessing in most cases. First of all, their main advantage is great durability. Unfortunately, as it turns out, many people have no idea that this type of window has a variety of properties that change with the seasons.

Window adjustment for the winter

Plastic windows have something like a summer and winter mode. Depending on the season, the pressure should be reduced in such a way that it’s much lower in summer than in winter.

Changing from summer to winter mode is very significant as it prevents air from escaping, which saves you more money. You don’t have to worry about not being able to do this yourself. It has been demonstrated in detail in the video below.

It’s important that your windows serve you for many years and that you get proper insulation, especially during the heating season.

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