What are the consequences of sleeping with a cat in bed?

Living with a cat under one roof is a fascinating and somewhat unpredictable adventure. Once you become friends with a cat, you remain faithful to it throughout your life. Scientists have presented 10 proven facts about living with a cat.

Living with a cat

1. Coexistence with a cat strengthens the heart.

It’s hard not to pet the cat. and this reduces the stress and anxiety levels which are the main causes of heart attacks. Cat owners are calmer and have healthier hearts.

2. Emotional support

Cats are excellent listeners, so they support their owners in difficult times. Cat owners are much less likely to use therapists, and less likely to deal with emotional illnesses, depression or neurosis.

3. Cats… make dating easier

90% of cat owners are more likely to go on a date with someone who has a cat. They immediately attribute sensitivity and a good heart to the candidate for a partner, and above all, they have a common theme to break the first ice.

4. Cat owners are smarter

The statistics don’t lie. Cat owners have a better education as well as a better developed emotional intelligence.

5. The cat is relatively cheap to maintain

Cats eat less and require less grooming compared to dogs.

6. It reduces the feeling of loneliness

Single people with a cat feel much less lonely.

7. They teach humility

Cats use the principle of limited trust. They will not listen ruthlessly, they will not be as faithful as dogs. Cats trust a person who is calm, fair, balanced and sincere. And one who can compromise when the cat absolutely has to get its way.

8. You sleep better with a cat

According to scientists, you sleep better with a cat than with a partner. The cat does not fidget, snore, does not pick up a quilt, does not get up in the middle of the night, and at the same time satisfies the need for warmth and closeness to another being.

Research has shown that people who sleep with cats get better sleep.

9. Protects against allergies

Children who grow up with a cat from the beginning have a much stronger immune system that protects them against infections and allergies. Statistically, these children get sick less and are less allergic.

10. Cats can save our lives

There have been many reports where cats, using their excellent sense of smell and instinct, were able to warn their family of danger.

Cat lovers do not need to be convinced of anything, but maybe some of your friends hesitate to take a cat under your roof? So send him this article!

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