After 9 months of service, he returned home. What he found in it, moves to tears

No one deserves more happiness than brave military heroes who sacrifice themselves for their country. Stock up on handkerchiefs, because when you learn about this touching story, you will cry like a baby …

In 2009, Dan was sent to Afghanistan as a dental officer. Which put him in a difficult situation that most people would not have dealt with mentally. His wife was pregnant and there were only 5 weeks left until the delivery date.

The man was at a crossroads, he did not know what to do. Finally he made up his mind and went to serve his country. He was still on duty when 5 weeks later, his wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

Dan couldn’t live up to it anymore and returned in 2010 to meet his 4-month-old baby girl. Their first meeting is breathtaking – check out this touching story below and share it with your friends!

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