Do you dry your laundry at home? Better know how dangerous it is to your health

As it turns out, hanging up laundry at home can be dangerous to our health. Everyone should know what it may end up with.

Hanging laundry over a dryer or heater often increases the humidity level and free mold spores spread throughout the home. Mold condenses around windows and doors, as well as behind furniture that is directly adjacent to the walls. The problem is especially serious in rooms that are small and poorly ventilated.

Hanging up laundry in home is dangerous?

Mold and fungus cause allergic diseases, including asthma. It is especially dangerous for young children, the elderly and those who suffer from skin problems or have weakened immunity.

How should we dry the laundry to prevent mildew?

The humidity level cannot exceed 60 percent. Dehumidifiers that condense water vapor and store water in special tanks will help us control this.

If it’s not raining outside, take your laundry out on the balcony or outside. Even the frost does not bother this. The wind will make your laundry dry faster and smell fresh. However, if we need to hang the laundry in the room, we should make sure that the arrangement of the clothes is loose and that the space between the fabrics is as large as possible. This will lead to free air flow.

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