What kind of mother is Kate Middleton? Her friend reveals a secret about her motherhood

Duchess Kate’s private life is in fact, very close to the everyday life of millions of ordinary women around the world. Are you curious what kind of mother Kate Middleton is and what is the atmosphere in her house?

What kind of mother is Kate Middleton?

The Duchess’s friends reveal that she is very relaxed on a daily basis.
“It’s a normal, busy family home with kids running around and knocking things over. There’s no airs and graces.”

It may come as a surprise that Kate is quite a strict mother. In relation to children, she is self-confident and doesn’t allow them to get over her head. William’s wife can maintain discipline at home.

Friends from the duchess’s surroundings describe that she focuses on comfort on a daily basis. She ties her hair in a ponytail and puts on sneakers. When it comes to makeup, she does it very gently and naturally.

“Even if she were married to a banker, I don’t think she would be much different,” a source close to the royal household tells to “She would have wanted to be a country mom and be in town occasionally. I don’t think she would have been living a very different life.”

Kate is the same mother as all of us. She’s also going to be late somewhere. Taking care of the house and having three children is really hard work.

The Duchess makes sure that George, Charlotte and Louis have a normal upbringing. She doesn’t want to treat them differently because of their royal origin. She wants them to be disciplined and able to find their way in reality. The priority for the Duchess is the mental and emotional well-being of the children.

Witnesses who had the opportunity to meet Kate and William in a private situation emphasize that they are a normal, nice couple. Their behavior doesn’t differ from what each of us does every day. When they go out together, they usually talk about… children.

Kate, apart from being a mother, also has many responsibilities related to her function. Therefore, she uses the help of a trusted nanny, Maria Turrion Borrallo. The woman has been with her family since 2014, when George was 8 months old.

Kate is very happy to talk about her home life and share her maternal experiences. She’s also not afraid to raise difficult topics and doesn’t pretend that her life is idyllic. Kate, despite the fact that she’s a duchess, tries to be close to people and she succeeds in it perfectly.

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