Alex took these photos from an airplane. What he captures on them is breathtaking

The photos that you are about to see show moments of life going on on our earth, which are captured from a very unique perspective.

Alex Maclean is not only a pilot, but also an excellent photographer. Even though he claims his technique is quite simple (puts his camera out the window) – his results are very exceptional. The technique provides a perspective that is hard to achieve with standard photographic possibilities.

The scenes he captures from this rare perspective show off the beauty, admiration and enormity of our world. Check out these amazing images below and share them with your friends.

1. Water Park in Ocean City, Maryland

2. Beach

3. Docks that look like floating flowers

4. Parking in front of the race track

5. Surfers in Sunset Beach, Hawaii

6. Colorful containers

7. Trains fully loaded with coal

8. Raftsmen

9. Magenta water currents

10. Agriculture in Arizona

11. Irrigation systems in the Snake River Valley

12. Wheat fields

13. The Vermont Grain Fields

14. Brand new cars in Emden, Germany

15. Trees planted in the parking lot

16. Boats docked at the pier

17. Homes in the USA

18. A volleyball court aground in the middle of the ocean in Hawaii.

19. Open-pit mine in the USA

20. Sunbathing in the pool area

Source: imgur, Alex MacLean

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