Kate and William thought about it for a long time. A big change awaits the royal family

For some time there have been rumors that soon Duchess Kate and Prince William will change their place of residence with their three children. Will it really happen?

British media speculated that the couple would eventually get their way and take up Adelaide Cottage. It’s an estate that hasn’t only been recently renovated and adapted to the needs of a young family, but is also close to Queen Elizabeth II.

A big change awaits the royal family

Until now, Duchess Kate and Prince William and their three children have spent most of their time at Kensington Palace since 2017. Eventually they decided it was time for a change!

The plans to move to Adelaide Cottage were accelerated by two circumstances. First, Kate and William want to spend more time with the 96-year-old queen, who hasn’t had company at the castle since Philip’s death. Secondly, there is a school near the property where their children could start their studies from September.

What’s attractive about this 19th-century mansion?

Kate and William are getting ready to move. What is known about their new home?

Kate and William are already sitting on their suitcases, counting down the days to moving. As the Daily Mail reported, they are both excited to move into this historic and modest four-bedroom home. While there are no special amenities, it’s undoubtedly a mansion full of charm and character built on a 655 hectare royal estate in Berkshire. There is plenty of greenery nearby and children will feel as if they grew up in the countryside.

Plus, Kate and William will have Elton John and the George Clooney family in the neighborhood too. But it’s not everything!

After moving to Adelaide Cottage, the royal couple will also be closer to the Duchess’ parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, who will be able to play a vital role in raising their grandchildren.

Prince Charles did it again, although he knows how Queen Elizabeth II dislikes it.

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