She wrapped her legs and belly with foil and went to sleep like that. In the morning she couldn’t believe the results

Seeing this little DIY trick, we were just as skeptical as anybody who heard about it. However, after seeing the results, we were totally convinced it was a brilliant idea.

Nicole Scace has decided to take a look at one of the most popular beauty tricks, “Nylon Cling Body Wrap”.

Cling film for legs and belly?

Wrapping “problem areas” with cling film can help reduce fat and transform that area. We know what you think about it, anything that makes you lose weight overnight is unhealthy or false, but Nicole was just as skeptical as you are.

The woman decided to smear coconut oil on her belly and hips. Then she wrapped each area with foil.

She put on her pajamas and went to sleep like that. Although she admits it was a little uncomfortable, she eventually fell asleep. The next morning, she took everything off and was shocked at the results.


Nicole noticed that her belly and hips were a more appropriate shape. After a little bit of experience, she figured it was an amazing trick and it really works.

Anyway, Nicole adds a comment. “It’s a beauty trick and you do it at your own risk. Just know that you won’t lose too much overnight. This is not how our body works. If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise and monitor everything you eat. Clinging foil will speed up this process. It’s not magic, but it will help. ”

You will see the whole process step by step and the results in the video below:

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