She refused to go to the prom, because of acne. When make-up artist took care of her, everyone was amazed

This girl couldn’t bear to see her face. She struggles with acne, which makes her embarrassed to go out to people because she knows that everyone is focused only on her problem. She was mocked at school and decided to quit the prom.

What an experienced makeup artist did to her face soon changed her mind and the girl went to the party. The girl could feel beautiful and forget for a moment that there was something wrong with her face.

The make-up artist did an amazing job

Thanks to the beautiful makeup, it was impossible to recognize this girl.
When a make-up artist knocked on the teenager’s door, the girl had doubts as to whether it made sense to use her services at all. She had the feeling that nothing could be done anyway and she had to accept what she looked like and had to hide from people.

The make-up artist fortunately knew what to do and was simply made for her job. Thanks to her, the girl immediately got rid of her complexes.

How to hide acne?

Lily knew there was no point in going to the prom. She didn’t want to hear any harshness about herself. She didn’t have a single friend at school, everyone focused only on what her face looked like. The girl’s parents decided that they would do everything to make her feel beautiful and not be rejected by her peers, so they contacted a professional make-up artist. Thanks to her, the girl decided that she would go to the prom.

The make-up artist immediately stated that Lily was a beautiful woman, and of course the acne could be covered. It’s hard to believe how simple it is!

The girl learned step by step how to cover imperfections and how to care for her face.

The specialist emphasized that you cannot cover your face with foundation, first you need an appropriate base – in this case green, to eliminate redness.

The next step is to apply foundation and eye makeup. Admittedly, the teenager looks fantastic. This is a truly incredible makeover – share it with your friends!

Source photos:youtube

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