Special moment awaits Kate and William in 2021. This is a turning point in their relationship

Duchess Kate and Prince William, despite rumors of crises in their relationship, are still doing well. They form a harmonious duo and raise three children together. It turns out that 2021 will be a landmark year for their relationship. Already in April, they will have a special reason to celebrate. All fans of the British royal family are waiting impatiently for this moment. And of course we are curious to see what their celebration will look like… the 10th wedding anniversary of Duchess Kate and Prince William!

10 years have passed since the ceremony

2021 will be a breakthrough for them. Kate Middleton and Prince William marched on April 29, 2011.

We all remember the first photos of Prince William’s bride that appeared in the press. Now a decade has passed since those moments when we impatiently waited for the wedding of son Diana and Karol.

While it may seem that it was so recent, in fact a lot has changed in the royal family during this time. Kate and William have three children: George, Charlotte and Louis. However, not only their relationship has changed.

William’s brother, Prince Harry, who led a rather rowdy life at the time, also decided to settle down. In 2018, he married the American actress Meghan Markle, and a few months later their son Archie was born. In 2019, they both resigned from official functions in the royal family and moved to the United States.

But let’s go back for a moment to 2011 and the royal wedding of Kate and William. Do you remember this ceremony?

Kate and William’s wedding – interesting facts

Years after the wedding of Kate and William, interesting facts about their ceremony began to appear in the media. It turns out that the prince was totally unconscious that day! Due to the stress, and also due to the people celebrating under his windows, he couldn’t sleep a wink.

During the ceremony itself, there were also a few mishaps. It turns out that William couldn’t handle the ring and he tried to put it on his beloved’s finger for a minute. Fortunately, he succeeded and today everyone remembers it with a smile on their face.

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